Serving. Advancing. Enriching.

What is CSURF?
We are Colorado State University Research Foundation. However, we are more than our name suggests. We advance CSU led research and innovation. We provide resources for the enrichment of the Colorado State University System and community.
This is CSURF.
Working for the betterment of the University.



CSURF Corporate provides administrative, human resources, and accounting support to CSURF and CSU Ventures and assists CSU with special projects and partnerships, as part of CSURF’s mission to aid and assist in the educational and research efforts of CSU. Activities include property management, receiving, managing, and distributing proceeds of real estate gifts to the university and accounting activities for the development and marketing of inventions, intellectual property and technological innovations.


Real Estate Services was established as part of CSURF to acquire, hold, manage, and sell real property assets for CSU and CSURF. Real Estate Services also receives and manages real property gifts and donations to the university. Real Estate Services provides expertise to several CSU departments and offices for a variety of real estate & development issues.