Development Opportunities

Below is a listing of CSURF owned properties available for potential development by private developers, either independently or jointly with CSURF.  Each property has its own unique characteristics and may be suited for a variety of uses. Click the site image to link to the Google map. Please feel free to contact CSURF Real Estate Services at 970-491-2625 or follow the button below to request contact, to discuss and explore any opportunities that are of interest. Printable PDF version available here.

Featured Development Opportunity

RFQ: Affordable/Attainable Housing Development Partner - Timberline Housing Site (Fort Collins, CO)

Colorado State University Research Foundation (CSURF) on behalf of Colorado State University and The Timberline Church is seeking a qualified development partner to develop affordable/attainable housing on a roughly 10-acre site on Timberline Road in northeast Fort Collins, CO.

Centre for Advanced Technology (Fort Collins, CO)

 Ground Lease        
 Joint Venture
                                        5 acres
                                        Zoning: E-Employment  (secondary uses allowed)

Located in the Centre for Advanced Technology, this property (referred to as the east half of the CAT site B) is on the west side of Centre Avenue across from the Natural Resources Research Center (NRRC) and about halfway between CSU’s main campus and south medical campus.  The entrance to this site would be at the intersection of Research Blvd and Centre Ave.  This site is not being offered for student housing development, but could potentially be used for other types of housing (i.e., faculty/staff housing in a townhouse or apartment configuration).  Due to the close proximity to CSU’s south medical campus and the federal NRRC buildings, this may be a prime location for private commercial office, flex &/or light industrial development. We also believe this location could be a prime hotel site.

720 & 730 W. Prospect Rd. (Fort Collins, CO)

 Ground Lease        
 Joint Venture
                                         1.2 acres
                                        Zoning: HMN – High Density Mixed-Use Neighborhood

Located on the south side of the CSU Main Campus about half way between College Ave. and S. Shields St., this property contains two houses.  The smaller 720 house on the east side of the property has been historically “designated”, and must remain on the property (it has been gutted and renovations were started, but could be finished to compliment future development). The larger 730 house on the west side of the property is historically “eligible”, but not designated, and Owner does not plan to pursue a historical designation.  This property could potentially be used for other types of housing (i.e., faculty/staff housing in a townhouse, condominium, or apartment configuration).  With close proximity to CSU, the Farm House fraternity, and the Pi Phi sorority, this property could be ideal for fraternity or sorority house development, lodge, or another private university-related organization.

600 Block S. Shields St. & 1105 W. Myrtle St. (Fort Collins, CO)

 Ground Lease        
 Joint Venture
 For Sale
                                          2.48 acres
                                        Zoning: Mixed, MMN, NCB (see Description)

Located on the west side of S. Shields Street between Myrtle and Birch streets, this property consists of two parcels totaling approximately 2.48 acres.  The 635 S. Shields St. parcel (1.27 acres) is zoned MMN-Medium Density Mixed-Use Neighborhood and the 1105 W. Myrtle, 605 & 609 S. Shields St. parcel (1.21 acres) is zoned NCB-Neighborhood Conservation Buffer.  Although this property is strategically located on the north-west side of the CSU main campus, it is not being offered for student housing at this time, but may be ideal for other types of housing (i.e., fraternity/sorority, faculty/staff) based on the particular zoning.